Drug War Prisoners


Martin Dale Walker, March 4, 2000
First and foremost, I want to express my deepest sympathy for those POW (worldwide in whatever legal restraints) for our sufferings and also for our beloved ones who suffer the most.
My name is Martin Dale Walker and I am currently serving an unjustified 99 year sentence for the alleged possession of 10 pounds of marijuana. The issue of guilt or innocence isn't important in regards to expressing my views, heart, and experiences within these correspondences. I gratefully acknowledge the achievements and commitment of the Committee on Unjust Sentencing, which makes this correspondence possible for us prisoners of the drug war.
Life here from inside a maximum security prison can only be truly experienced through the eyes of a prisoner. It is not television nor the movies. So I pray that many of the POW share to the best of their ability the true reality of such a place, where we the POW of the ongoing ludicrous drug war have been confined with society's most violent criminals. Many such violent criminals are serving much less time than myself, whether given by a jury or a plea bargaining of their cases with the prosecutors. We're talking violent murderers, aggravated sexual assault offenders/agg. assaults, agg. robbery felons and a few other sick offenses. Let it be known that the false propaganda which floats around out there in regards to air-conditioning and cable television is incorrect. While there may be some states which provide a few special privileges to pre-release inmates or non-violent offenders, the majority of prisons as here in Texas are pure concrete and barbed-wire sweat houses. Texas prisoners endure extreme heat, rancid food, and poor medical services at an extremely high cost to you the freeworld taxpayers. If the atmosphere was as pleasant as some portray it to be (e.g., media, magazines etc.), I'd have to wonder if so many POW would be fighting so hard for their freedom or responding to this web site.
The atmosphere in these prisons is morbid and reeks with hate, violence, and sometimes death! Not pretty for non-violent offenders doing time for what?
I have a very beautiful wife and two fine sons who hurt deeply, and whom I have not seen for over 4 years due to the fact that we are Ohio citizens born and raised. Now locked away here in a Texas prison near Mexico it seems. To overcome the misery of us POW is one hard to impossible task. To overcome our families' pain and grief is impossible!
Lastly, I'm an activist who has always stood behind the people's rights of freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and freedom from the marijuana laws in which many POW are being given life sentences for. I'm against the black market and have been in support of the NORML Foundation since 1979 at the age of 15, and I later attended rallies purchasing items and articles.
When you have citizens of the United States and other countries expressing a wish for change, to be free from the federal draconian drug law machine, as in several U.S. states, being told that our voice means nothing shows who the power belongs to - who makes the drug laws and the unjust sentences for non-violent drug offenders. It is not the people! It is those whom you have voted into certain government positions. The Federal government of the United States plays God, but change is on the way. Some respected governors and high profile persons around this country are speaking out for us POW.
Please look, listen, and react by showing support for such individuals via letters, Internet, or telephone if possible. This (30) thirty-year drug war must end! The madness must stop!
I have so much to share with those who care to listen, and who can also share welcome and valued information with me.
God bless those who have fallen in this senseless drug war. For those who are able to get up, do just that, and speak out to the nation for us POW and for our families. Thank you.
Please scan the following: www.disinfo.com, www.norml.org, www.dpf.org
Sincerely, Martin Dale Walker, POW # 747874, HC 67 Box 115, Kenedy, Texas 78119

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