Drug War Prisoners

Letter from Becky Stewart: June 13, 2004

Telephone company employs prisoners to field directory assistance calls

Note: Becky was a principal organizer of The Tallahassee Project – see Projects section for details. She is presently incarcerated at FMC Carswell and writes:


… I don’t know if I’ve told you yet. UNICOR here is contracting with an outside public company in the telephone directory assistance business. They are now training inmates to be directory assistance operators. That’s what I am doing now. I know what UNICOR stands for and don’t condone it. But at least now we are learning a marketable job skill. The training we go thru is the same training they give to their outside employees. Before we get the job we have to be interviewed by the public company (the outside company). We even get calls from outside the US. Our performance is graded by the outside company. We never know when they are listening in to see how well we handle the calls. And at the end of the week we will have been graded on 14 different calls and we get what are called QA scores. There is no favoritism. You are judged on your performance. That part I like.


P.S. Those bills they are talking about to help us drug prisoners. I don’t see them going anywhere soon.




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