Drug War Prisoners

September 2001 "Never Would This Happen for a Drug Offender"

(Letter from Sheila Troxell)

While sitting in prison fighting for our rights as well as our health and lives, these thoughts came to me.

While alot of first time, non-violent drug offenders and other non-violent offenders are only briefly introduced to the courts, judges, prosecutors, and sometimes jurys in which the case is taken to trial.

These people decide our fates and make decisions on the punishment we will recieve for the petty crime that we committed

Standing before the Judge and anxiously awaiting for his next words to come, we was faced with the agony of his decision.

As for me I turned to look at my family that was present in the courtroom, my mother was crying, and my father looked puzzled and in shock with no understanding of why I had received the amount of time imposed on me. I'm sure alot of families feel this way. They send us away to serve years and never give a second thought or don't really care the stress and troubles that are put on our families and our children, while the U.S. Government are placing entire families in prison. Their children goes to other family members and are usually placed on welfare and medical cards, causing you the tax payers even more money. Causing taxes to be raised and become a even bigger burden on tax-payers today… This is not fair!

But what in America is fair in today's society? Nobody is perfect, and we are labeled for one mistake. We are throwed in prison for multiple years and they feel we're not good enough for a second chance. But we're good enough to work and make the Government millions of dollars. While we're labeled for life, the same U.S. Government and its officials that place us in prisons are committing crimes . Some are the same crimes we committed. This happens on a daily basis. But their never made to pay for them by the Justice System.

There are police officers, D.E.A. agents, Attorneys, Judges, Mayors and even Senators that are being arrested for D.U.I., spouse abuse, as well as child abuse and even drugs. They are never punished only get a slap on the wrist and set free to commit even more crimes. While they are placing us in prison for being a drug abuser, they don't offer any kind of reform for drug abuse.

Recently in a 4th Federal Court a man was given 13 months instead of the mandatory 21 months sentence for child pornography. The Judge that reduced the sentence said "He was addicted to child porn." Never would this happen for a drug offender. We are being placed in prison for non-violent crimes, and for being addicts of drugs, and child rapists and murders are being set free… So does this seem fair to you?

There are Federal Prisoners being placed on the market and being sold like slaves today. We are proof of this, there are 210 women in Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women. Sold to the state of Virginia by the Federal Government. Where is the justice in our government today.

We know officials buy their way into higher positions. Even the presidential election can be bought. We've all recently witnessed this event first hand.

So while these officials are buying their way into positions, Selling Humans, and committing crimes, we are the ones made to pay the price …this is not fair!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a Dream of Peace in America. We as prisoners have a Dream of Freedom. To end this "War on Drugs" and stop this madness and unjust system within the U.S. Federal Government.

If Jesus Christ can forgive us of our sins and wrong doings, then why can't the Government?

The man we know as our Savior was once asked "Does he forgive us of our sins." He replied - Yes. And was asked how much he loved his people. "He loved us enough to spread his arms and died for us."

So now again I ask you Does this system they call "Justice" seem fair to you? If you had been where we've been, treated like we're treated, you would say "NO," and have alot of the same questions we have…

And now it's up to you to decide…

Sheila Troxell





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