Drug War Prisoners

A book due for publication in early 2001. The book is a compilation of photographs and statements by 100 women POWs in FCI Tallahassee, initially put together for presentation to the Secretary-General of the United Nations in June 1998. Click here for the Preface to The Tallahassee Project. Follow-up information on the women prisoners of FCI Tallahassee will be posted here as it comes in.
Conditions at Fluvanna Correctional Institution
Welcome to Prison Lifestyles of the Not-so-rich and Not-so-famous
Fluvanna POWs Attacked by State Inmates: August 2, 2001
Follow-ups of Some of the Tallahassee Project Participants
  Patrina Parker
  Becky Stewart
  Maria Herrera
  Linda Rojas
  Diana Webb

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