Drug War Prisoners

September 1, 2002: Letter from Scott Walt

Scott is a POW, one of tens of thousands sentenced for a marijuana offence on the sole testimony of an informant under indictment and willing to trade testimony for a sentence reduction. Not so much as one seed was found when the DEA broke into the family home at suppertime. Sentenced to 24 years in prison, release date 2016.

September 1, 2002. Ten days left to the anniversary, with the media predicting new attacks. Woe to our citizens, our traumatized teens and toddlers, our panic stricken parents. I live in awe. What have we become? I live in the land of the insane.

The administration of American politics is so inept, corrupt, and out of touch that they’ve lost sight of reality. 15,000 illegals cross into this country monthly, yet our focus is on Iraq and the Middle East. Our corporate giants steal billions through fraud and deception, cost families their futures and taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, and are slapped on the wrist and allowed to keep all their ill-gotten gains; while drug offenders are crushed like bugs, everything they own seized, and their families dismantled.

It seems that everything which was white is now black, and every word of the Constitution now has four or five different meanings, depending on the direction in which the wind blows on any day.

Our media are as white-washed as a picket fence and can’t be trusted to give us the truth on any issue. I believe we are poised for a collapse: morally for certain, economically … it may float for another decade or two. Our markets are over-valued, economy on the slide, the American people are losing faith. Rome didn’t fall in a day. But it fell.

As for me, just playing softball (my life) and for the last seven months taking a creative writing course of which I am now a Student Assistant Aide. I spoke at last month’s Graduation Ceremonies along with the Dean of U of A and the Dean of the Community College. I wish these events were under different circumstances, but it’s a start.

I’m also involved in the creation of a publication of Prisoners’ Poetry, short stories, etc. with my instructor. Do you have any suggestions for potential publishers?

I’m just trying to pass the time as best I can. To bury the sadness





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