Drug War Prisoners


Opportunities for research into the Drug War prisoner scandal abound, and viewers and POWs alike are invited to take advantage of them. There is a dearth of information on such critical issues as:
Rules followed by prison officials in the event of a natural disaster: Nancy Martz (23 years LSD, reduced to 15 years) recalls that a hefty earthquake that occurred while she was in County Jail in San Francisco had staff members running for safety and slamming doors shut leaving Nancy and her companion prisoners locked inside. Nancy asked what would happen if prisoners attempted to flee for their lives and was told the regulation was to shoot them.
Prisons in Washington State occupy ground susceptible to flooding in the event of dams in the region giving way. Are there plans to evacuate prisons in case of flooding?
  Atomic disasters: What regulations concern the safety of POWs consigned to prisons exposed to atomic disasters?
  Research is needed to uncover regulations that concern POWs, their loved ones, and members of the public with a conscience before some natural disaster strikes.
  Methods of recruiting, training, and handling informants by agents of the drug police. A form has been prepared for circulation among informants past and present to get the "inside story" of the informant-handler relationship. If you are now or have been an informant and would like to participate in the study, see below for contact information.
  Health hazards facing POWs. Research is urgently required into the incidence and prevalence of fatal illnesses among POWs in US prisons. A recent newspaper report says the spread of AIDS among prisoners in US prisons is falling -- hardly cause for rejoicing in the face of present rates of AIDS and hepatitis C infection. Is there an epidemiologist viewer who will collect data for publication?
  POWs and viewers are free to propose other POW-related subjects for research. To advertise research needs on the site or propose topics for research click here to send email.

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