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Letters that come in cover a variety of subjects, and not all can be posted with the time constraints we work under. This from [a POW] touches on America's addiction to imprisonment, with less and less crime getting more and more time, and no foreseeable end to the "disorder." ." Viewers may like to add their own observations. If so, click here.

March 1, 2001

Dear Website,

Spring will be on its way again soon. It will be my seventh spring in custody, and unless something significant happens it looks like I'll be in "the belly of the beast" for at least another six.

The business of filling these prisons goes on. I am continually amazed at the kinds of people I see coming into these places. The courts don't seem to care any more about innocence or guilt, and if the caliber of the offenders coming into these places for relatively innocuous offenses continues, it won't be long before our prison population doubles yet again. I mean, I'm seeing people come to prison over driving offenses now. I know a guy, he got a year for having an open can of beer on federal property …really!

I read where Clinton, before he left office, signed another 29,000 pages of executive orders. Although the Constitution makes no provision for this act, his "executive orders" have the weight of law. Clearly, while the people slept, the government slipped the bounds of the Constitution.

I read where, at the current rates of arrest and incarceration, there will be 126 million people incarcerated by 2055.

I'll keep the light on over the bunk we'll save for your arrival.

The President pardoned a bunch of people. Only a few of those were not rich or related to someone who was rich. I read where the use of pardons was intended for "ordinary people to get a fresh start in life," but somehow or other that meaning (like so many other aspects of our society) isn't being adhered to any more.

It was great to hear from you, but I haveta close, so I bid you a pleasant goodbye for now

Best wishes, [a POW]






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