Drug War Prisoners

Letters from prisoners of the War on Drugs, ex-POWs, friends and family members are a reliable source of information on conditions in America's gulags.

February 2012: Letter from Lamont Alvin McElveen

January 2005: Letter from David Sullivan: On Suicide Watch at Lexington

January 2005: P.S. from David Correa: Radiation Problem Settled

December 2004: Prisoners in Coleman Exposed to Radiation Overdose and Cancer Risk

June 2004: Letter from Becky Stewart - Telephone Company Employs Prisoners to Field Directory Assistance Calls

September 2003: Sister Caryl writes from FCI Danbury: War on Drugs good for the economy

August 2003: Letter from a POW - No Help for Rats

July 2003: Letter from Reginald Alexander - Not just still alive, it’s thriving

January 2003: Letter from Reginald Alexander - Kan U Katch My Drift?

October 2002: Letter from Reginald Alexander - Lashes from Their Whip

September 2002: Letter from Scott Walt

September 2001: Letter from Sheila Troxell

July 2001: Letter from a POW

April 2001: Phone Fun in the B.O.P.

March 2001: Letter from and to an Innocent

March 2001: Letter from a POW

December 2000: Letter from Reginald Alexander (reply to What's Up with African America?)

July 2000: Letter from Walter Dash

Welcome to Prison Lifestyles of the not-so-Rich and not-so-Famous, Featuring Hotel Fluvanna

Conditions in the Prison Hospital at Carswell


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