Drug War Prisoners

From Behind the Wire: Columns by Richard J. Lester
Freddie Bones: Like Father Like Son
"What's Your Choice? We Ain't Got All Day Here, Cowboy."
"The Other Children's Hour"
The Oddest Thing Happened to Me While I Was Doing Time
Hats off and Hooray
Can This Be America?
When the Battle is Over
That He was Dying was Apparent to Every Inmate
Brooks Adams Has a Point
Slave Labor at UNICOR
Justice, Three Strikes Style
Summer, 2004: Forest Fire Imperils Prison
November 2004: Letter from Richard Lester
April 2005: New Letter from Richard Lester

Richard J. Lester, storyteller and columnist for drugwarprisoners.org, has a number of books under contract for publication. He divides his time between literary work and doing pro bono legal work for other inmates. An innocent victim of the snitch culture spawned by the War on Drugs, Mr. Lester is in the sixth year of a sixteen year sentence.



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