Drug War Prisoners


Let's see ...
… 97 days ago, I was thrown in the hole for … well, you know, refusing to work for free – 5 days
a week.
My cellmate thinks I’m brave: I told him no, I’m just not a slave, and I’m invincible when I stand
on principle.
23 more days to go

The warden says he’ll leave me in the hole until I learn some obedience and humility. Gobbledygook for “until you succumb and bow down to me.” I asked my cellmate what he thought – he hasn’t answered me. Maybe he’s ceased to be. 14 days to go.

I got a letter from an old girlfriend yesterday, but it didn’t bring any relief. I guess the idea of her missing me got washed away somewhere between her words and my belief. I hadn’t heard from her in 12 years. Seven years longer than when I shed my last tear. 7 days to go.

Considering it all, it’s a wonder how I’m able to maintain my sanity. I would ask my cellmate but I think he’s still ignoring me. He could be hallucinating, a product of the monotony of 119 days in isolation. 1 more day to go.

Let’s see …

… 120 days to go! Today I was thrown back in the hole for – well, you know – again refusing to work for free. This time I was offered a compromise – work 3 days a week. Now the warden has ordered me to undergo a mental evaluation, to assess my situation. I asked him, politely, “What is it about me you can’t understand?” Though I’m imprisoned, I’m still a proud man. And despite 240 days in isolation, on principle I’ll continue to stand. I told Master Warden, “It’s not that I’m lazy, and I’m damn sure not crazy!” Then I mockingly added, “Massuh, can’t you see, it’s almost 2003! You can’t whip me and make me work for free.” I then politely asked him, “Kan U Katch My Drift?”

Now I have 240 days to go.






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