Drug War Prisoners

David Correa

The Euthanasia Survey is the brainchild of David Correa, unjustly sentenced to life in prison without hope of parole for a minor, even inadvertent, part in a cocaine deal and now in his tenth year of confinement. David conjectures that some POWs in his position might opt for swift death by injection rather than face a lingering existence behind bars, and is prepared to circulate a questionnaire among his fellow-prisoners to determine their thoughts in this respect.

Obviously, the desperate solution David proposes runs counter to the basic aim of the Committee on Unjust Sentencing, which is to secure the release of all prisoners of the War on Drugs. But no one has the right to doubt the sincerity of a prisoner in David's position, or to question his attempt to explore the wish for a quick alternative to lingering death in prison.

Critics both inside and outside of prison have protested that the mention of this project may play into the hands of execution fanatics in the United States. It is with some misgivings therefore that the Correa Survey is included in this site. In the end, the intention to represent all facets of POW existence required its inclusion.

Viewers seriously interested in this project may click here for contact information. Only serious inquiries will receive a response. No kooks or trash communication please.



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