Drug War Prisoners

The Drug War Atrocities Investigatory Committee (DWAIC) Project grew out of reports of outlandish behavior by Drug War personnel, from prison guards to police agents, legislators, and even judges. Some such reports are necessarily withheld from publication to protect POWs who supply evidence. Some, such as the Biocide Report published here for the first time, are published at the express wish of a prisoner. Some reports of unconscionable behavior are already in the public domain, for example, the bill submitted to the Mississippi legislature by State Senator Bobby Moak in 1998 which provides for punishment of marijuana smokers by amputation of an arm or leg instead of prison. Moak's "Smoke a Joint, Lose a Limb" bill may have got nowhere in the Mississippi legislature, but it gives an eerie glimpse into the casual sadism that infects some Drug War operatives. The text asserts that the convicted person and the court "must agree on which body part shall be removed," though it fails to say who then has responsibility to amputate.

A body of evidence of morally criminal conduct in pursuit of the War on Drugs is worth collecting in the event that a more enlightened public favors some form of accountability and even prosecution for offenses against human rights standards that have international acceptance. Laney Kehel, a COUS backer, is willing to chair a committee that will collect and evaluate evidence of culpable behavior on the part of Drug War advocates, naming names and lining up witnesses. Viewers interested in helping the DWAIC Project may email Laney at laney@drugwaratrocities.net.


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