Drug War Prisoners

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The section opens with some correspondence between the parents of David Correa, a POW condemned to serve a life sentence for a minor offense involving cocaine (see under Projects). The correspondence is between Mr. and Mrs. Correa and the office of Senator Connie Mack. The Correa thesis is that passage of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 by Congress violated Article One of the U.S. Constitution, which renders provisions of the act null and void.

Among the provisions contained in the 1984 act is the provision that established the existence of the United States Sentencing Commission. The exceptional importance of the thesis rests in the contention that the Sentencing Commission was established illegally, from which it follows that deliberations of the Commission obtain no force in law.

Viewers familiar with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual of the United States Sentencing Commission may wonder if the contents of the manual, desk bible for every federal prosecutor in the country, are technically worthless, and if federal Drug War POWs (not to mention non-Drug War federal prisoners) have been illegally sentenced and confined.

Entries formerly included in the Conference section of the old site are also recorded here. To date they include Reginald Alexander's paper "Inner City Mayhem: The Lures, Causes, and Effects of Inner-City Drug Dealing" and the accompanying poem "Inner City Mayhem." These fine compositions were read at the Second International Conference on Prisoners of the War on Drugs at York University, Toronto, on March 20, 1999.

The second entry formerly included under the old Conference section and recorded here is the important Walter Noons piece on extradition. It likewise was presented at the Second International Conference. Walter Noons is an attorney who assisted in the defense (unsuccessful, as it turned out) of Les and Cheryl Mooring against extradition from the Netherland to the US.

See also the Notes on the Conference.




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