Drug War Prisoners

P.S. from David Correa: Radiation Problem Settled

January 3 - Here's the latest. Since I was getting nowhere with the matter, I contacted the government agency OSHA. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

That agency apparently contacted this place. The details as to what happened are not known to me. All I know is that the form or method of using the machine will no longer be the way that I was told it was going to be. Now it will be random and most likely I will not have to pass through since my department does not have a thing to do with the plastics factory.

I guess you could say things worked out. The retaliation started In December when I sent letters asking questions to the Inspector General. I was removed from my job for blowing the whistle as to a possible health hazard. My mother was ready to call the FBI for retaliation against a whistle blower.

About Bill H.R. 4096 to restore parole to the federal system. That bill is now dead because there was no interest in the Senate. However, my mother finally spoke with one of Danny Davis' aides and she told her that the bill for reinstatement of federal parole will be resubmitted this coming February or at the latest in March. My mother said that the nice lady told her that the bill will have a clause for retroactivity. Hundreds of thousands of us will be able to get out if that happens.

Well, the holidays are now behind us and that means it is time to start working on all those politicians once again to push for changes in the way that America incarcerates its people.

Take care, David

To see what David is talking about, go to Prisoners in Coleman Exposed to Radiation Overdose and Cancer Risk. The information obtained by Mrs. Correa from Rep. Davis' office refers to the possibility that POWs such as David will be entitled to apply for parole after a certain length of a sentence has been served. Since the mid-eighties no prisoner in the federal prison system has been entitled to apply for parole, in contrast to most state systems where the right to parole is in place.


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