Drug War Prisoners


The Boycott Project


The Boycott Project was initially conceived of at the First International Conference on Prisoners of the War on Drugs in Heidelberg in 1996. Adriaan Brankhorst, reporting on his experience with a United Nations agency, noted that an Andes peasant association some millions strong had proclaimed a boycott of goods issuing from aggressor Drug War nations. Discussion of the practicality of cooperation with the Andean group followed.

The progress of the Andean initiative is unknown, but a proposal to boycott the goods and services of selected companies within the US is attractive, even if conducted on a small scale. By calling attention to a company like Victoria's Secrets that profits from the labor of POWs, colluding in the payment of an hourly wage of a 12 cents and undercutting the employment of legitimate workers in the garment industry, a boycott could shame management into terminating the unethical practice and set an example for other employers to follow.

POWs and viewers with ideas on shaping a boycott of the products of POW forced labor or willing to spearhead a boycott motion may click here for contact information. Selected responses will be posted on this page



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