Drug War Prisoners

From Behind the Wire: Column by Richard J. Lester for drugwarprisoners.org
June 2001: "The Other Children's Hour"
Between the dark and the daylight,
when the night is beginning to lower,
comes a pause in the day's occupations
that is known as the children's hour.
I hear in the chamber above me
the patter of little feet;
the sound of a door that is opened.
and voices soft and sweet ….
The Children's Hour
H.W. Longfellow
The door crashes in men with masks
push against one another to gain entry
"down on your belly you son of a bitch
or we'll blow your fuckin' head off!"
the children with sleeping faces stand
shocked at the end of the hall
the little boy screams
No, please don't kill our daddy
The Other Children's Hour
Richard J. Lester
Question: Which of the above does more to influence our kids?




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