Drug War Prisoners

Matilda Hall:

Four sons doing life in this crazy War on Drugs

I am a 50 year old Prisoner of War. I was sentenced to a 30 year sentence in 1999 for conspiracy to sell crack cocaine. The ratio of a crack cocaine sentence to a powder cocaine sentence is 100 to 1. The only difference between powder cocaine and crack is one has a 55 cent box of baking powder to make it hard. Mostly black people and people of color use this form of cocaine. This crack law discriminates against people of color.

People that cut a deal with the government, if you are a drowning man, you will grab anything to save yourself from entering the federal system. These people that help the government will say and do anything to keep out of prison. I have four sons doing life sentences in this crazy War on Drugs. No one was hurt or killed in our non-violent drug offense.

I’m looking for a solution to cure this matter. My solution is to equalize the sentences for crack and powder cocaine, go down on crack and not up on powder cocaine.

Thank you for being concerned about us behind the wall. The Drug War has destroyed many families, many generations to come. I have been incarcerated for over five years and I have yet to encounter a so-called “Kingpin.”

Everybody I know in this prison is on a drug conspiracy. They don’t have any money, houses, cars, boats, planes, millions of dollars, diamonds or furs, they are just small fries, caught up in this drug/people war while the Drug Lords keep on making millions of dollars and building their empires.

Again, thank you for your concern. Please help to make a change!

God bless you, Matilda Hall



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