Drug War Prisoners

Aminah Forde: Direct action to bring us home!

I am a prisoner of the War on Drugs, serving a 360 month sentence at FCI Danbury. My crime was the sale of crack cocaine to 3 men arrested for selling drugs to FBI agents in Herndon, Virginia. These men pled guilty to get reduced sentences in return for dubious testimony against me.

Drug War sentences are harsh and unproductive.

Over my 11 years of incarceration I’ve seen supplies of laundry soap, stationery, underclothes, etc. diminishing. Indigent prisoners once had access to these needed items. Now the country’s economic woes are felt in prison.

Since I am a foreigner, I will return to my country when I am out. There is no reason why the US justice system could not provide downward departures for Drug War prisoners who agree to voluntary deportation. This would eliminate the long waiting periods and overcrowding at immigration centers.

This War on Drugs is already lost. Direct Action to bring us home!

Aminah Forde


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