Drug War Prisoners

The continuing travail of Richard Lester - the last column for this site?

March 9, 2005

Where to begin? This place is unbelievable. I have not written, as you are definitely aware. I have a lot of trouble breathing, and it is a long walk to the south yard where the typewriters are located. Seven in all. 1600 prisoners. You do the math. One in four do not work.

I would write long hand but my hands cramp up and it is a living hell to get them relaxed once the reaction begins.

I do so want to write a column, like the old days. There is so much to write about. But it is difficult to articulate it in words. Our mail is monitored going in and out, and they do not like any kind of criticism at all. One such incident put the writer in the hole, and I don't relish the thought of being there again. But if need be, I guess all things work for the betterment of man, Huh//!!!

It has been raining cats and dogs. I wish it would have rained down a nice German shepherd for me to pet, no such luck.

Houses are sliding down hillsides. People of substance are feeling the impact of the disaster too.

One piece of good news. A man that used to work for me as an illustrator has contacted me, read some of my manuscripts, and is developing covers for my novels.

This typewrite does not know how to edit, sorry, excuse this unchecked wording.

Time has now fled, I must return to the unit for count. I will write when I can.

Love, Dick


Viewers must read this letter in the context of Richard Lester's brilliant columns. Go to www.drugwarprisoners.org/lester.php for his commentary on life and times in the US prison world. Now age 70, a marijuana prisoner, Richard is confined in Terminal Island and is not due for release until April 2008.




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